December 28, 2010

Bath Time

So until this month Jackson has been getting baths in a sling contraption in the kitchen sink.  Now that he has more head control we are giving him baths in his whale tub Ms. Angela gave him.  Although you can not tell in the pictures he actually likes bath time.  Bath time is daddy Jackson time. 

MMMMM ..... Rice Cereal

So after Jackson's 4 month appt the Dr let us know it was okay to start giving Rice Cereal.  It is safe to say Jackson did not care for it at all!

December 9, 2010

We are thankful for so very much

A little late on this post but silly me forgot to put the SD card in the camera on Thanksgiving.  Thankfully the camera has internal memory so Jackson's first Thanksgiving pictures were not lost! However the cord to download the pictures from my cameras internal memory was lost.  Jason being the sweet husband that he is ordered me a new one.  And wouldn't you know the day the new cord got here we found he old one! Ha isn't that how it always goes.

Jackson's first Thanksgiving was very eventful! If you know me you know that the holidays are not a time for rest.  We woke up early and I made breakfast.  We got little man dressed and loaded ourselves and he pups in the car.  First stop Gigi's "Jason's mom, Pat. We dropped off the pups and our overnight bags and headed to Irving.  We had lunch at my grandmothers house (moms mom).  We left Irving to head to Fort Worth to have dinner at my uncles with my dads family.  Then from Fort Worth back to Lewisville to hang with Gigi and Aunt Ashley! whew tired just typing it all.

We are so unbelievably thankful for all of the blessings we have been given over this past year.  We have incredible family and friends and lots of it as you can see.  Over the past year we have weathered a lot of storms.  If we have learned anything over the past year it has been to THANK the Lord for the good times and for the bad.  If you can not thank him for the storms how can you really appreciate the blessings! We are so so thankful for all of the struggles we had to endure to start a family.  We grew closer as a couple and had to lean on God and family to get through it all.  We had the opportunity to share our story and testimony with others who were struggling and had suffered what we had gone through.  After losing 2 angel babies, we now have our precious Jackson.  We appreciate every moment with him. Ive even caught myself wishing he would wake up from a nap so I could cuddle and love on him. We are thankful for every moment the Lord gives us with him.